Who Am I?


I’m Natalie and this is my blog. I chose the name Immortal Jellyfish because a) they are one of the coolest natural phenomenons out there (seriously look it up if you don’t believe me) and b) I like how it sounds. I’m a former film student and a future media studies graduate student. I’m a proud girl geek from my Spock hoodie to my collection of Star Wars Tupperware, and I spend a lot of my time watching movies and observing the absurdities of everyday life and popular culture. I used to only write about film, but I wanted a blog where I could reserve the right to write about anything from politics to science to why anyone would think that using giant hamsters to advertise anything is a good idea (really, WHY?).  I wanted a place where it was ok to go from from analyzing the best of the Criterion Collection to waxing philosophical about prime time TV dramas, a place where the best and worst of American popular culture would collide. I hope that people come here to find a community of readers and writers who want to dive beneath the surface of the media and technology that we all take for granted, people who are looking for a mix of serious and light, of high and low culture, of true art and guilty pleasures.

We may not be as astoundingly cool as the immortal jellyfish, but humans are absurd creatures in our own right and I don’t think I’ll soon run out of material. Thanks for stopping by!

I welcome your thoughts, comments, and feedback.


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